Baked Low-Carb Tortilla Chips

I like eating low carb, but I do have a hang up when it comes to dips. I can eat a lot of dip recipes like buffalo chicken dip, or a zucchini-based hummus, but I get sick of dipping with veggies. I’ve attempted baking low-carb tortillas for sometime, but they never crisp up enough to actually dip. I decided to try just one more time and FINALLY – success! I think it was the low-carb tortillas I purchased. This time I used Mission Carb Balance. Yes; they are six grams of carbs for one tortilla – but they are burrito size and enormous.

Mission Torillas

So here’s what I did:

I used my pizza cutter to slice my tortillas into narrow triangles. I also think the smaller they are, the better they crisp up.

I prepared a cookie sheet with a lot of non-stick spray – like a lot. More than you’d think. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Low Carb Tortilla Chips

Then I brushed the tortilla triangles with olive oil, sprinkled with a Mexican spice mix, because I was dipping the chips into guacamole. You don’t have to do this; you could just sprinkle a little sea salt, which I would recommend over nothing at all. I baked the chips for exactly eight minutes; don’t ask me why, I just know it worked.

Look at how crisp! I let them cool on a cutting board then put them in tupperware once completely cooled; you don’t want to wind up with soggy chips.

photo 5

They stood up to my chunky guacamole perfectly! If you’ve been searching for a low-carb chip, I suggest you try this method!


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